Olde English Looks Back at ‘Steven the Vegan’

Splitsider is thrilled to offer our first digital download, The Exquisite Corpse Project, a fantastic film from the former members of legendary sketch group Olde English. I recently sat down with the guys to look through some of their classic Olde English sketches. Here, the group looked back at another niche favorite.

Ben: I made a video which you should not post by itself called Steven the Vegan.

Adam: No, post that. That’s a good one.

Raphael: What? That’s a good one.

Adam: That video’s great.

Ben: Uggghhhh.

Caleb: No he’s right, it sucks.

Adam: No it’s good.

Raphael: That should be its own thing.

Adam: Post it and include his “uggggh.” It’s really good.

Ben: Anyway, that was a video intentionally targeting a specific niche audience, and it worked. It’s not a hugely popular video, but vegans have recognized me on the street, and emailed me to this day, 10 years later, being like, “Oh my God, you know where they have the best flax seed?” And I’m like, “Shut up, hippie.” [They all laugh.] But vegans really appreciate it.

Adam: Anthony Jeselnik over here.

Ben: [He laughs.] We’ll see if that reference means anything by the time this article comes out.

Adam: Oooh.

Ben: Heey-ooh.

Adam: Oooh. You will never work for Anthony Jeselnik again. Yeah, well we went to a school with a lot of vegans, and it centered in on something that annoys vegans.

Raphael: The comedy doesn’t come from, “Haha, veganism is stupid.” The comedy comes from other people being stupid to the vegan. So vegans really responded, because most comedy about vegans is like, “Ugh vegans are the worst.” And so this is one where it’s like, “Everyone who’s not a vegan is the worst.” The perspective is, “Isn’t it annoying being a vegan when everybody else is annoying all the time?”

Ben: But that’s the world it’s set in. But in reality, vegans are the worst.

[They all laugh.]

Ben: Sorry, Raphael’s a vegan.

Raphael. He’s allowed.

Ben: I know a vegan, so it’s fine.

Raphael: Ben’s allowed to say these things because he has friends who are vegans who secretly hate him.

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Olde English Looks Back at ‘Steven the Vegan’