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Whoops, We Totally Might Have Overanalyzed the Arrested Development Trailer

Wait, so you didn’t think the Vulture staff would watch the new, season-four Arrested Development trailer 100-plus times? Then you don’t know us very well. And along with the rest of the Entire Internet, we noticed some references to the show’s past and perhaps some guesses toward its Netflix’d future. Just think: If we’re this into finding Easter eggs in the show’s trailer, imagine what we have planned for the show’s premiere.

In one of the first shots of this season-four trailer, presumably belonging to the episode titled “Flight of the Phoenix,” Michael exits the airport to reveal he’s finally in Phoenix. If you recall, he’s been trying to get there for quite some time now.

He ignores the cabbie’s warnings and sears his hand grabbing the taxi’s handle. Shades of the Cornballer infomercial! “Time to pull out the basket … “ — hand-burning is a Bluth tradition.

George Michael appears to be getting some tutoring (ha!) from his cousin Maeby at the University of California-Irvine.

The number on Lucille’s shirt reads HELLO upside down? (See: calculator tricks.) 07734 is also the zip code for Keansburg, N.J. That might mean something? *scribbles 07734 two thousand times on a blackboard* (EDIT: Commenter Cinelogic smartly brings up that “HELLO” is an obvious reference to Annyong! Hello? Annyong?)

When Gob goes to open one of his many Mike’s Hard Lemonades, he breaks off a piece of the still-shoddy model home. In a reference to “those Hollywood shows are so incredibly detailed,” the kitchen is stocked … with two six-packs of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and a few bottles of oils.

Right before the vulture appears (it’s a bad sign!), you can catch a glimpse of the sign behind Michael. A smart Redditor makes a pretty seemingly accurate guess at the wordage: “In an effort to distance himself from the Bluth Company, Michael chose the name The Michael B. Company (You can just barely make out a period after the B.) The tagline underneath it seems to say “Home is where the HOUSE [Is].”

An ostrich quickly runs by Maeby, perhaps on the way to Buster’s pillow?

Gob’s next illusion? It certainly seems Jesus-related. On the far left you’ve even got Ann Veal’s (yes, her) dad, Pastor Veal. Another “special guest”? Gob’s flesh-colored panties. Or his balls. (“This close, they always look like landscape. But nope, you’re looking at balls.”)

While Lucille threatens poor Buster with his night terrors, a restaurant special sign reveals that “today’s verdict” is “GUILTY NO PAROLE.”

And Buster’s hook is now diamond-encrusted.

“Now with this car, you might get some stares.”

“I’m used to a car with some stairs.

(Not exactly an Easter egg, more an out-and-out callback, but still delightful to see.)

Finally: juice. Don’t forget the juice.

Overanalyzing the Arrested Development Trailer