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Photo Time-Lapse: See How Ethan Hawke Has Changed Over 25 Years

1999\12\16\5ms0b0o3.JPG Photo: New York Daily News Archive/1999/Daily News, L.P. (New York)

First came Dead Poets Society. Then Reality Bites. Then Before Sunrise came out in 1995. Ethan Hawke helped define the guy persona of the mid-nineties: artsy, casual, with dirty hair and a reluctant grin. (Bonus points for a guitar.) He even wrote poetry and made Hamlet. With the return of Jesse and Celine in Before Midnight, it seemed the perfect time to revisit the many looks of Ethan Hawke. Warning: Contains a lot of “funky” shirts.

Photos: See Ethan Hawke Change Over 25 Years