bluth's clues

Find Tobias in an Arrested Development Where’s Waldo

To commemorate Arrested Development’s triumphant return, we’ve come up with a few opportunities for our fine readers (YOU) to earn yourself some sweet AD swag. (Sorry, not a Cornballer: too dangerous.) We’re calling it Bluth’s Clues: Every day from May 21 to May 23 we’ll feature a different interactive game on our Facebook page, and today it’s Where’s Tobias?, a throwback to Where’s Waldo? — but with a Never Nude.

The picture above is just a small corner of the giant illustration we have over on Facebook. There, see how many Tobiases you can find in the giant turnout for a Blue Man Group open audition: Look for “Dad likes leather” Tobias, 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Tobias, and more! And while you’re there, you can sign up for a chance to win a Tobias iPhone case, a Banana Stand T-shirt, and a complete set of Netflix’s Arrested Development character posters. To not head over there now would be a big mistake.

Find Tobias is drawn by Nethery Engblom.

Play Arrested Development Where’s Tobias?