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Let’s Be Blunt: Rihanna’s 777 Documentary Had Many Blurs, But One Was the Best

Because it wasn’t reported on enough, the now-famous plane trip that took a bunch of journalists, some Rihanna fans, and the singer herself to seven countries in seven days for seven performances ALSO earned its own documentary. A condensed version (coming to a DVD near you!) appeared on Fox last night and it expertly glossed over all the bad press the stunt received from those brought along to sing its praises. But one thing it could not gloss over completely was that thing lodged behind Rihanna’s ear. What could it possibly have been?

We’re thinking (total speculation here) a big fat blunt. Based on prior evidence and all.

We’re not the only ones who spotted it:

Gotta love her.

What Was the Best Blur in Rihanna’s Documentary?