Watch Our Definitive Game of Thrones Gilly–SNL Gilly Mash-Up

So far on Game of Thrones, Gilly has had a real bummer of an existence. (It was kind of unavoidable, what with her having a dad-husband, and said dad-husband having a rule about killing babies if they’re male.) But now she’s on the run with Samwell and her inner scamp can come out. It is her destiny as someone named Gilly, as Kristen Wiig had shown on SNL for years. Both flashing prominent front teeth, they’re bonded spiritually, but with Wiig set to host SNL this weekend, we felt it high time they were bonded visually, in the form of a mash-up. For those who feel these two Gillys should remain in separate universes, sorry.

See Our Game of Thrones Gilly–SNL Gilly Mash-Up