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Snow White and the Huntsman Could Spawn a Trilogy

Kristen Stewart.

If you were scratching your head wondering how Snow White and the Huntsman could generate a sequel — given that the evil queen, Charlize Theron, died at the hands of Kristen Stewart in the first film — then scratch no further. On Monday, screenwriter David Koepp was on hand to illuminate all things ice and snow at a special New York screening of Michael Shannon’s contract-killer film The Iceman (sponsored by Grey Goose), and talk soon turned to the Snow White sequel. “It’s like The Empire Strikes Back,” Koepp told Vulture. “I felt like they had a really, really great idea that seemed like a natural extension of the story … Snow White is queen now, but the mirror is still there. It doesn’t bode well for our innocent little queen.” Assuming even if she succeeds in vanquishing yet another evil in the second film, the fight is far from over: Koepp is already thinking past the sequel. “There’s plenty to go,” said Koepp, who has been pulling some of his new characters from Russian fairy tales. “There’s also a great idea for a third movie.” Feel the Force, Snow.

Snow White and the Huntsman Could Be a Trilogy