Watch a Supercut of Every Impression Bill Hader Did on SNL

With the announcement that Bill Hader will be returning to host SNL this season, we wanted to look back at his time on the show. And since he was one of the all-time-great impressionists, here’s a supercut of every single impersonation he did on the show. This video originally ran on May 20, 2013.

As you probably know, Saturday was Bill Hader’s final episode as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Of course, Stefon got the loving farewell he deserved, but we wanted to say good-bye to more of his characters. For his eight seasons, Bill Hader has been one of the show’s best and most innovative impressionists, so we decided to celebrate that by looking back at every impression. Over the course of his run, he’s impersonated over 80 famous and not-so famous celebrities. Watch our video to remember how he not only upped the ante for oft-imitated famous people (Vincent Price, Al Pacino, Alan Alda, etc.) but also expertly aped those whom few have attempted (Andy Azula, CNN’s Jack Cafferty, Dr. Oz, etc.). Just play this before and after every episode next season, and it will be like he never left.

Watch Every Impression Bill Hader Did on SNL