The ‘Arrested Development’ Documentary Comes Out Tomorrow

Over five years ago, Arrested Development fans Jeff Smith and Neil Lieberman set out to make a documentary about Arrested Development, and you’ll finally be able to watch it tomorrow. Titled The Arrested Development Documentary Project, the film consists of exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of the cult favorite sitcom. It also has interviews with the show’s fans for some reason. Digital distributor FilmBuff announced today that they’ll be releasing the movie tomorrow on all of the big On Demand platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and XBOX. The release of Arrested Development’s new Netflix season (May 26th) is still 24 days away, so you hardcore fans will have time to watch this documentary a couple hundred times in anticipation.

Check out the trailer for The Arrested Development Documentary Project below:

The ‘Arrested Development’ Documentary Comes Out […]