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Which Moment on The Office Finale Choked You Up?

Photo: Chris Haston, NBC

The Office finale aired tonight, and it pressed all the finale buttons: It brought back old faces; had characters make tender declarations of how much they cared about each other; everyone (mostly) found happiness; and it generally illustrated that it wasn’t just the characters who were feeling emotional about saying goodbye, but the actors too. And whether you’re an all-in fan, or a “the show hasn’t been good in years” grumbler, there had to be at least one thing in it that made you choke up a bit. We’ll have a full recap in the morning, but for now, a quick survey: Which moment got you? (Spoilers follow, obviously.)

Erin reuniting with her birth parents? The Joan Cusack cameo was not only great casting, but Ellie Kemper’s epiphany moment was quite moving. As for the Ed Begley Jr. follow-up, well, always good to see him, and go, environment!, but it was really Cusack’s moment.

Phyllis carrying Angela on her back down the aisle?

The tender glances of friendship between Phyllis and grumpy Stanley? Or his ultimate gift: a Phyllis bobblehead?

The reuniting of Kelly and Ryan? Sure, it was made possible by Ryan poisoning his own child, but still, on a base level you have to appreciate a love that defies the ages.

Ryan’s baby Drake? I know we’ve never seen him before, but that was one hell of a cute baby.

All things Jim and Pam? From their sweet kiss on the wedding dance floor to her grand gesture of selling the house so they could move to Austin?

Oh, who are we kidding. It had to be:

DWIGHT: I can’t believe you came.
MICHAEL: That’s what she said.

Marriage, shmarriage. If you didn’t rewind that moment at least three times, you’re dead inside.

Which Moment on The Office Finale Choked You Up?