The Vine 5 Film Festival: Has Anyone On Vine Ever Even *Seen* a Chicken?

Vine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. Every Tuesday we showcase five of the funniest short shorts of the past week.

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“ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: the money was IN the standing banana… #chickendance”

By Ian Padgham

Even on Vine, you couldn’t get away from the Arrested Development hype. Sorry. But you have to admit that Ian Padgham’s stopmotion tribute to the show is really cool. There are plenty of references from the show besides the money being in the banana stand, the chicken dance, and the blaring of one of Europe’s greatest songs, like the fact that the banana never gets completely nude. There is of course no shame in being a Never Nude, whether you’re a analrapist, a Girls with Low Self-Esteem DVD producer, or a fruit high in potassium.

“I’m Not the Father”

By Eric Dunn

I feel really bad for the kid there. Sure, Eric Dunn is not awfully considerate of a child’s feelings, but the guy’s vines are pretty good. His shirtless run around a white neighborhood caught a lot of attention last week, and there’s something really amusing to how fragile his mornings can be. “I guess without having to read Goodnight Moon every night, he had more time to make his funny six second videos,” a therapist will hear fifteen years from now.

“High Five”

By Kurt Braunohler

Featuring Jon Daly

Speaking of insensitive, here is Jon Daly reminding Kurt Braunohler that he has whisks for hands. It’s bad enough to not have the use of human fingers, but for your insurance plan to just leave you with whisks? Instead of celebrating the utterance of a double entendre, a touchdown by the local football team, or a tweet that earned more than fifty retweets with a high five like everybody else, Braunohler makes eggs. That’s what you get for putting your hands on The Cornballer.

“Chandler Bing Loses It”

By Keelayjams

After Matthew Perry’s best post-Friends series Go On was canceled by NBC after one season, and a reporter tried to spin his loss of employment in a positive manner in front of however many people watch a playoff hockey game, Perry apparently went back to where the fame and fortune first found him all those years ago, to try to find out what went wrong. In a vest, of course.


By Walsh Brothers

Picking watermelons at the supermarket is difficult. It seems like all of them have something wrong with them. And then you start thinking about whether anyone will be good enough for you, and you’ll be sixty five years old, at the supermarket, picking a watermelon, alone, with nobody to go home to, and you’ll be standing there, finding fault with all that you see and feel in front of you, and you think about whether anyone will be good enough for you, and you’ll wonder if the lazy symbolism was something you picked up on before, and oh no you’re having a stroke. Don’t pick the talking watermelon, idiot.

Playing in Theater 2

6 Second Interview On Newbury Street in Boston, Ma. by Ry Doon

Boston comedian and host of the Vine series High Society discovered that young adults with trust funds can be dishonest and douchey.

How I feel when someone disses my mom. Don’t mess with my momma! by Marcus Johns

Good news! You can insult Marcus Johns’ mother in front of mama’s boy Marcus Johns, because you probably have faster reflexes.

White Solomon/Black Josh by Solomon Georgio and Josh Androsky

Apparently life as a white person and life as a black person are sometimes different.

No! That badass “Corey” dude was DEAD! How did he escape his shallow grave and post on my Vine again?! by Will Sasso

Despite Marlo Meekins murdering him, Corey continues to be a badass that occasionally manages to take over Will Sasso’s vine account.

#HowTo ask really obvious questions at Home Depot by Brittany Furlan

This reminds me of that time that I asked a book store clerk where the fiction section was. I was really out of it.

The Vine 5 Film Festival: Has Anyone On Vine Ever Even […]