This Week in Comedy: ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Arrested Development’

-To prepare for this Sunday’s Netflix debut of the new Arrested Development season, we contributed to the internet’s Arrested Development overload with a list of 12 more shows Netflix should resurrect a review of the AD documentaryanother giant list of the show’s hidden jokes, a ranking of our favorite side characters, and a reminder of where the show left off in 2006.

-Universal Orlando is building a mini-version of The Simpsons’ Springfield.

-SNL wrapped up its 38th season over the weekend, which saw the departures of Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, and we gave you a guide to Stefon’s eclectic wedding guests. We also reminisced about the season’s best moments and broke it down by cast member

-Carol Burnett will receive the Mark Twain humor prize this year.

-We talked to Mike Schur about Parks and Recreation and his new show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Todd Barry about his new podcast and stand-up tourJonah Ray and Gabe Liedman about their respective careers and experiences on Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, and Sammy Obeid about his 1001-night standup streak.

-Hannibal Buress is getting a Comedy Central pilot and co-starring in Broad City.

-Patton Oswalt dispensed wisdom in his Reddit AMA.

-Will Forte and his writing partners are locking themselves in a room to write MacGruber 2.

-With Happy Endings over, Damon Wayans, Jr. may come back to New Girl in some capacity.

-We gave you a list of some of the best humor books to complete to your comedy library.

-We recommended the web series PAFTATA,  the week’s best comedy podcasts (which included Amy Poehler and Sam Simon), the week’s best Vines (which included Kurt Braunohler and Jon Daly), and the Twitter feed of @JustAboutGlad.

And here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Set List - “Mark Wahlberg (Dan Van Kirk)” (via Nerdist)

Jenny Slate & Dean Fleischer-Camp - Catherine: “Episode 1” (via JASH)

CollegeHumor - “Precious Plum (Honey Boo Boo Parody Series)”

Cracked - “If Disney Cartoons Were Historically Accurate”

The Lonely Island - “Diaper Money”

This Week in Comedy: ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Arrested […]