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Last Night on Late Night: Tom Hanks Uses Steroids to Cure the Cold

Last night on the Late Show, Tom Hanks sang praises to steroids. Apparently, they cure the cold, and since the show (Lucky Guy) must go on, “You take a steroid.” Besides, “the only repercussion is you will not be in the Hall of Fame, but you do get back on that horse, and you feel GREAT! [Evil laughter.]” Plus: Scary Ray Liotta and goofy Craig Ferguson didn’t mesh well, and that interview produced a bunch of awkward silences. Also, Jennifer Love Hewitt pointed out the injustice between David Beckham’s huge, bulging underwear ad — “I felt like he came at me in traffic” — and her own modified, boob-diminished Client List billboards; and Ken Jeong and Jimmy Fallon danced in sync with each other. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Tom Hanks Uses Steroids to Cure the Cold