See Poehler, Corddry, Fey, and More Having Fun at the Old UCB Theater, Circa 2000
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See Poehler, Corddry, Fey, and More Having Fun at the Old UCB Theater, Circa 2000

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Chris Kattan, Tina Fey, Horatio Sanz, Rachel Dratch, and Jerry Minor

Photo: Jason Spiro

The Saturday Night Live cast mates sit in for an ASSSSCAT.

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Rob Corddry and Brian Huskey

Photo: Jason Spiro

Corddry and Huskey, a Childrens Hospital regular, played together on the Harold teams Pound and Naked Babies.

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Mike Birbiglia’s improv group, Littleman

Photo: Jason Spiro

The comedian (center) performed at the theater with a group that included (from left) Conrad Mulcahy, Ed Herro, Chris Fosdick, and Brian Donovan.

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Kurt Braunohler

Photo: Jason Spiro

A young and Van Dyke–d Braunohler (third from right) observes a scene with (from left) Michael Bosniak, Frank Shea, Hayden Ward Kelly, Tami Vernekoff, and Bob Wiltfong.

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Respecto Montalban, with Rob Riggle, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer

Photo: Jason Spiro

This classic Harold team featured (back row) Danielle Schneider, Huebel, Riggle, Scheer. (Front row) Dannah Phirman, Chad Carter, Owen Burke, and Jackie Clarke.

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Jake Fogelnest

Photo: Jason Spiro

At the first annual Del Close Marathon in 1999 (a 48-hour-plus endurance contest of nonstop improv to celebrate the late, formative Chicago teacher), D.J./podcaster Fogelnest prepared a mountain of fake cocaine to keep the comics going. (The DCM will celebrate its fifteenth year this June.)

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Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey

Photo: Jason Spiro

While at SNL, the duo reprised its Chicago sketch show “Dratch & Fey” at the theater in 2000.

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Optimist International, with Jack McBrayer

Photo: Courtesy of UCB

This Harold group featured (top row of the bed) Rhea Dates, Shannon O’Neil, Chris Gethard, Go On’s Seth Morris, Dave McKeel, Tom Schmidt, (front of the bed) 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer, and Brian Huskey.

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Andy Daly and Andy Secunda

Photo: Jason Spiro

Daly (who has been seen playing innumerable hilariously upbeat squares, most notably in Eastbound & Down) and writer/actor Secunda in the appropriately titled show The Two Andys. The two were also members of the group the Swarm, which was assembled and directed by Amy Poehler.

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Renegade 77, with Ben Schwartz

Photo: Courtesy of UCB

Parks and Recreation’s Jean-Ralphio (bottom right) started on this Harold team, along with (top row, from left) Jim Santangeli, Will McLaghlin, Rob Cacy, Eddie Dunn, and (bottom row, from left) 30 Rock’s Sue Galloway, Eli Newell, and fellow Parks recurring guest star Alison Becker.

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Jake Fogelnest, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler

Photo: Jason Spiro

Gathering outside the theater.

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Jason Mantzoukas and Jessica St. Clair

Photo: Jason Spiro

The League co-star, in tamer-haired days, along with Bridesmaids and Best Friends Forever’s St. Clair.

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Rob Riggle

Photo: Jason Spiro

The actor babysits poorly onstage with Jake Fogelnest.

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Twelve Thousand Dollars with Aubrey Plaza

Photo: Courtesy of UCB

Her Harold team also featured (top row, from left) Joe Spellman, Mike Still, Matt Fisher, and (bottom row, from left) Michael Paoli, Chris Schell, Jennifer Bartels, and Craig Rowin.

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Sarah Silverman

Photo: Jason Spiro

Silverman serves as guest monologist (and breakdancer) in a 2001 ASSSSCAT. (Behind her: Ian Roberts and Rebecca Sohn.)

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Horatio Sanz and Brett Gelman

Photo: Jason Spiro

The Saturday Night Live co-star, along with a pre-beard Gelman (Go On).

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Havana Clambake, with Adam Pally

Photo: Courtesy of UCB

Pally (upper right corner) with his Harold group, which included (clockwise from below Pally) Justin Tyler, Jon Gabrus, Carl Arnheiter, Jon Gutierrez, Susannah Becket, Michael Somerville, and Pam Murphy.

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Todd Barry and Ed Helms

Photo: Jason Spiro


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