‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ Video: Avril Lavigne Is Still Complicated

As its title might indicate, Avril Lavigne’s latest summer anthem (and our current pick for Top 40 Song of Summer) is about being young. Like, inappropriately, Peter Pan—y, still hanging around the high-school spots but in a fun-way young. Naturally, the “Here’s to Never Growing Up” video includes all the important teenage moments: prom, detention, a Radiohead T-shirt, underwater tea parties, band practice with a guy in an eye patch. And then there is another, more familiar nod:

Okay, yes, Avril is just re-creating the “Complicated” video. But that makes sense, right? She made “Complicated” when she was very young! She is just following her own advice. In short pants. Anyway, here is the video:

Oh, and the drummer with the eye patch:

Watch Avril’s ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ Video