vulture with julie klausner

Watch Jim Gaffigan and Julie Klausner Taste-Test Chocolate-Covered Kale and Other Healthy Junk Food

To help us close out Vulture’s very funny Week O’ Comedy, we asked comedian Jim Gaffigan — known for many years of stand-up only some of which is devoted to hilarious, loving bits on the topics of cake, McDonald’s and of course Hot Pockets — to step way out of his food wheelhouse and sample some healthy junk food. Watch as Jim and our own Julie Klausner discuss his new book Dad Is Fat (in stores Tuesday) while tearing through chocolate-covered kale, tofu pepperonis, and sesame-topped seaweed. Spoiler alert — their eating habits aren’t likely to change any time soon. For more of these two, listen to this week’s edition of Julie’s podcast, “How Was Your Week,”  Jim’s a guest over there too! You can even subscribe on iTunes here.

Watch Jim Gaffigan Taste-Test Vegan Junk Food