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Ain’t Them Bodies Saints Trailer: Rooney Mara Loves Casey Affleck and Shooting Cops (Join the Club)

After seeing the To the Wonder trailer, did you say to yourself, “I can never get enough of watching an Affleck and a pretty woman romantically frolic in a cinematic field?” If so, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints offers a new Affleck (Casey), a new woman (Rooney Mara), and a new field (wheat). The David Lowery–directed film garnered a lot of buzz coming out of Sundance and is playing at Cannes. In it, Affleck and Mara play a young outlaw couple who get separated when Affleck goes to prison. It’s set in the seventies — apparently, everyone didn’t have Saturday night fever. The film opens on August 16, so wear all white, because you’ll only have two more weeks before the Labor Day fashion police getcha.

Watch the Trailer for Ain’t Them Bodies Saints