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So Many Jumps! What Was Fast & Furious 6’s Most Ridiculously Over-the-Top Moment?

Fast And Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 has already made over $120 million by being, well, fast and furious, and fun, and freaking awesome. Seriously, you’ll have trouble finding a more awesome movie. FF6 was basically a series of holler- and high-five-inducing moments, surrounded by bald jokes and speeches about family. Which was the most awesome moment? It’s hard to say; that would be like choosing your most awesome child, if your children loved jumping on top of cars. Here are some of our favorites. Please comment below on what got you screaming and wishing you had movie-theater DVR. Spoiler Alert (even though all of these moments are in the trailers, because that’s what trailers do these days).

* Chris “Ludacris” Bridges’s Muscles: Early in the movie we see a shirtless Ludacris chilling in some lovely tropical locale. When did Ludacris get all those muscles? Why did Ludacris get all those muscles? It’s not like his character fights or does anything remotely physical. You know he must’ve asked to get that shot written into the script.

* That Scene Where Tyrese and Sung Kang Get Beat Up for Five Minutes: We get that the good guys can’t easily win every fight in a movie, but it’s something different to have them get their ass straight handed to them. To be fair, Joe Taslim, who is most famous for starring in The Raid: Redemption before this, is a super-cool fighter, and FF6 likes to stockpile super-cool things.

* JUMPS!!!: If you didn’t defy the laws of physics to jump and land on a moving car, you weren’t in Fast and Furious 6. Each character worth their salt had their flying, slow-motion jump moment. Except Ludacris, who, despite his new muscles, wasn’t allowed to do any driving or fighting. (He did get to buy cars, however, so that’s something?) Arguably, the film’s most unbelievable moment was the jump – you know, the one where Vin Diesel turns into a superhero for a second.

* “They Got a Tank!”: How do you raise the stakes in a movie about driving cars? Give the villains a car that can run over other cars and destroy bridges with rockets.

* The Clothesline: It’s never particularly organic when wrestlers are in movies and the directors try to incorporate a pro-wrestling move into a fight scene. So maybe The Rock’s flying clothesline didn’t feel that natural, but it was the best nonetheless. The Legion of Doom couldn’t have done it better themselves.

* “BRB, Got to Drive Through This Plane”: The entire plane scene was nuts, but we found ourselves cheering the loudest at the end, when Dom comes driving out of the plane’s nose. We’re not sure how cargo planes are constructed, and don’t care, because if Fast and Furious 6 says you can drive right through them, you can drive right through them.

What was your favorite insane moment?

What Was Fast & Furious 6’s Craziest Moment?