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Will You Binge-Watch Arrested Development This Weekend, or Take It Slow?

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May 26th is fast approaching and you, Arrested Development diehard, have a huge decision to make. Will you watch all fifteen episodes of Arrested Development right when they drop early Sunday morning/late Saturday night, or will you take them in small doses, just like Dr. Mitch Hurwitz ordered? The decision is yours, but there are major pros and cons to keep in mind should you choose to binge. Think about this carefully before making your couch plans.


  • You will undoubtedly feel cooler than all of your (busier) friends. “Hey, remember the part when Lucille and Tobias ______? Oh wait, you don’t know that because you’re not at that part yet,” you might passive-aggressively say to them. What will you do with all of that power? That’s blackmail power …
  • … And when your friends finally do get around to watching, you can watch alongside them. “Oh man, this part is the bessssssssssst,” you preemptively whisper before each big joke as you watch their eyes narrow with rage.
  • It’s Memorial Day weekend! No guilt for spending an entire day in front of the television, since you’ll still have two other weekend days to do things. Who knows, maybe you’ll even go outside!
  • You can possibly be the FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! to make all the inevitable Arrested Development GIFs that will eventually colonize the web. Don’t you want to be the first to catch that Lucille side-eye? That updated chicken dance? You can be.


  • Mitch Hurwitz says watching seven and a half hours of straight comedy won’t be as funny, because “It’s not like Lord of the Rings. Comedy takes a lot out of you.”
  • It’ll all be over in one fell swoop. You’ve waited seven long years for this and once you’re done with these episodes of Arrested Development, you’re right back where you started from … at least until the alleged movie (and that’s not even officially in development yet). Those high highs and low lows they always talk about in therapy might happen.
  • It’s Memorial Day weekend! Are you sure you’re not ignoring your family? And if you planned a three-day vacation somewhere, do you really want to be spending one day of it with the windows drawn, clutching your iPad?

Everyone to make their own decisions, but I can tell you where I stand: binge-watch. I once watched the entirety of Bob’s Burgers in one afternoon, and it only made me stronger. For those of you planning to draw the blackout shades and gorge, Vulture recappers will have first takes on all the episodes for you right here Monday. And for bingers as well as those taking it slow, we’ll be doing deeper, obsessive dives into each episode over the next few weeks. Everybody wins!

So which will you be: a binge-watcher or a slow-savorer? What is the “right” way to consume Arrested Development? Tell us your plan below!

Will You Binge-Watch Arrested Development?