You Will Have to Watch the New Season of ‘Arrested Development’ in Order After All

It turns out that there will be an intended episode order for the new season of Arrested Development after all. Creator Mitch Hurwitz and Jason Bateman previously said that the 15 new episodes that make up Season 4 have no intended order because they each follow different characters simultaneously, but after finishing the final mix on the episodes, Hurwitz tweeted today, “Done! Just finished the final mix last night. In two weeks Arrested Development will be yours to do with as you please. Except for 1 thing! You gotta watch them in order. Turns out I was not successful in creating a form where the setup follows the punch line.”

Bateman said a couple months ago, “It’s not exactly like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ type of thing, but Mitch has written these episodes exclusively for the distribution platform and format of Netflix, knowing that they were all going to be released, like an album, on the same day. So certain clues are revealed to you based on the order in which you watch them. There will be an order that is suggested, but because part of the fun of what he does is so dense and multilayered.”

It’s actually kind of a relief that the new episodes actually have an intended order as the original idea of this “Choose Your Own Adventure”-ish season sounded pretty ambitious and messy.

You Will Have to Watch the New Season of ‘Arrested […]