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See Your Favorite TV Characters Wearing Daft Punk Masks

Photo: Michael Yarish/AMC

It’s very clear, very quickly that Daft Punk is cool. Is it because they’re French? Maybe. Is it because of their super-danceable jams? Possibly. Is it because of those robot helmets? Definitely. Anyone could look badass in them. Throw a robot helmet on your high-school vice-principal eating a potato-salad sandwich and you’ll be like, “Who’s that cool dude? Let me grind up on him.” To illustrate the helmets’ power, we put them on characters from our favorite TV shows. Coach Taylor, Tracy Jordan, Ron Swanson, Roger Sterling, and more would all get lucky with these things on.

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO
Photo: Mike Ansell | NBC/? NBCUniversal, Inc.
Your Fave TV Characters Wearing Daft Punk Masks