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After Zod and Khan, 10 Other Eighties Part-2 Villains Hollywood Should Reboot

Photo: Mary Evans/20TH CENTURY FOX/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection and Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

This weekend, Man of Steel opened to $125 million with Superman fighting General Zod, the rebooted villain from 1980’s Superman II. Meanwhile, Star Trek Into Darkness has done quite well by bringing back the bad guy from the original Star Trek movie franchise’s second installment, 1982’s The Wrath of Khan. Hollywood is a big fan of extracting incredibly reductive lessons from success, and so the very literal take-home from this summer is likely to be: Bring back more villains from the part twos of eighties franchises! So aside from Zod n’ Khan, what other Reagan-Bush baddies can be resurrected, what should the new-millennium take be, and who should play them? Click on to find out! (And a cautionary side note: Do not start singing “Zod n’ Khan” in the style of “Chaka Khan” from the era-appropriate song “I Feel for You,” because then you’ll be doing it all day.)

10 Other Eighties Part-2 Villains to Reboot