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25 Grandiose Titles Jay-Z Might Have Considered Instead of Magna Carta Holy Grail

Jay-Z is calling his twelfth album Magna Carta Holy Grail. It’s a little clunky, but it’s got a certain rhythm to it, along with the Carter/Carta similarity. And we get it: Jay’s gotta keep up with the big statements — his buddy just named an album Yeezus, for crying out loud. But can we just for a minute, just for funsies, suggest a few alternate album titles Hova could’ve run with while maintaining the “two epic/historically significant/awesome yet unrelated things with two words apiece” theme? Cool. Here we go. (By the way, Drake: You can totally use any of these, as Nothing Was the Same isn’t going to work after Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail. Sorry/you’re welcome, buddy.)

• Abbey Road Noah’s Ark

• The Constitution Morgan Freeman

• Julius Caesar Grand Canyon

• The Bible the Alps

• Genghis Khan Terminator 2 

• Michael Jackson Michael Jordan

• Led Zeppelin Whale Watching

• Wuthering Heights David Bowie

• Malcolm X Roman Empire

• The Sphinx Darth Vader

• Atlas Shrugged Crème Brûlée

• Jurassic Park Da Vinci

• The Odyssey Atom Bomb

• Great Expectations Easter Island

• Huckleberry Finn the Constitution

• William Shakespeare Lobster Bisque

• Thor’s Hammer OK Computer

• Barack Obama Harry Potter

• Bohemian Rhapsody the Tempest

• Infinite Jest Nina Simone 

• King Arthur the Hobbit

• Beyoncé Knowles Ben-Hur 

• James Brown James Taylor

• Bob Dylan Bob Ross

• Mountaintop Sunset Star Wars 

25 New Album Titles Jay-Z Might Have Considered