Watch Alexis Bledel Give a Wet Willy in Her New Movie Violet & Daisy

In 2010, Geoffrey Fletcher won an Oscar for scripting Precious, which made us squirm by showing us abuse and incest. His follow-up, Violet & Daisy (in theaters today), which he wrote and directed, is almost as provocative. The bloody dark comedy stars former Gilmore Girl turned Man Men temptress Alexis Bledel as the alpha half of a teen-assassin duo; the other half is played by The Lovely Bones’s Saoirse Ronan. The girls are enlisted by their boss (Machete’s Danny Trejo, as seen in the clip below) to murder an intriguing man (James Gandolfini). Now watch Bledel give Trejo a wet willy.

“Geoffrey doesn’t hold back,” Bledel told Vulture. “I’m not shocked easily. I had many conversations with him about my sense of responsibility playing a character like this. This is a person who’s been through many traumatic, and perhaps violent, experiences.” In Violet’s mind, for example, it makes perfect sense to jump up and down on victims after pummeling them full of bullets. “I think Violet is as far as I would go,” says Bledel, who also explored the dark side as a gun-toting child prostitute in Sin City. (“The hardest thing is keeping your eyes open when the gun fires,” she says. “Your first instance is to flinch and blink, certainly. That was something I had to work on.”) Bledel will lay down her arms when she returns to TV in Fox’s rom-com Us & Them. The show co-stars Jason Ritter — Lauren Graham’s onetime love interest on Parenthood. What of the fact that she’s stealing her GG mom’s boyfriend? “I know she loved working with him,” Bledel said. “And he loved working with her.”

Watch Alexis Bledel Give a Wet Willy