Bob Odenkirk Will Write and Star in the Movie ‘Girlfriend’s Day’

It looks like Bob Odenkirk is getting his first leading role in a movie. It was announced today that Michael Paul Stephenson (Best Worst Movie) has signed on to direct Girlfriend’s Day, a movie that Odenkirk will star in and co-write with Mr. Show writing staff alum Eric Hoffman. Stephenson, who is making his narrative feature debut on the project, hopes to start shooting this fall. Girlfriend’s Day follows a greeting card writer named Ray (Odenkirk) who gets wrapped in a web of murder and deceit while competing with other writers to come up with the perfect card for a new holiday called “Girlfriend’s Day.”

The project was originally announced last year, when Bob Odenkirk was also planning on directing the film, in addition to writing and starring. The cast list that was announced with the project last year consisted of David Cross, Bryan Cranston, Amber Tamblyn, David Koechner, and Fred Armisen, but it’s not known at this point whether any of these folks are still involved. Odenkirk and Michael Paul Stephenson are currently meeting with financiers in Los Angeles to raise funds to make the movie, so hopefully that happens and we’ll get to see a Bob Odenkirk movie in theaters next year.

Bob Odenkirk Will Write and Star in the Movie […]