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Breaking Bad Is Almost Over, New Poster Cruelly Reminds Us

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) - Breaking Bad - Season 5, Episode 5
Photo: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Breaking Bad will wrap its masterful run later this year, and the new promo poster isn’t about to let you forget that. There’s nowhere near as much to speculate about as there was with the loaded Mad Men poster that teased this year’s season, but maybe there’s one thing: The tagline reads, “All bad things must come to an end.” It’s an obvious flip on the “all good things … ” adage. But is it also a wink at the mounting suspense about this narratively bulletproof series possibly faltering in its final steps? In a long talk with New York last month, creator Vince Gilligan said, “Right now, I am very proud of the final eight episodes. But we could put them on the air in a few months and people could say, ‘Oh my God. That was the worst ending of a TV series ever.’” For now, check out the poster and preemptively grieve/hyperventilate amongst yourselves.

Breaking Bad Poster Reminds Us It’s Almost Over