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Last Night on Late Night: Bruce Jenner Threatened the Wrath of Kanye on Jimmy Fallon

Last night on Late Night, Bruce Jenner indulged in the sweet taste of revenge he’d been seeking for all of Jimmy Fallon’s plastic surgery jokes. Since a cold encounter at the London Olympics (in which Bruce cursed out Jimmy) hadn’t sufficed, Mr. Kardashian Jenner slammed the late-night host with diss after diss, and even a threat from Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy. “Kanye is really pissed,” he whispered into Fallon’s ear. “My good friend, Kanye, and you don’t want to go there.” But wouldn’t that entail a second meeting with his pseudo-son-in-law? Plus: Nick Offerman recounted a different kind of tongue-lashing. “I was performing some oral pleasuring upon [Megan Mullally],” he told Conan. “This is before I knew that it could give you, uh, any kind of fatal … disease, and I looked up at one point and … ten feet above her head, this buck coyote was sitting there staring at me, and he slowly nodded his head.” Reverse bestiality, cunnilingus, and a Michael Douglas zinger? Now, that’s a nice package. And finally, Dave Franco added another quirky Franco family story to the pile. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Bruce Jenner Threatened Wrath of Kanye on Fallon