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Rejoice, For There Will Be a Captain Planet Movie

Sometimes we play news straight around here, maybe throw a little shade or enthusiasm into the mix. But some days you’ve just gotta be like THERE IS GOING TO BE A CAPTAIN PLANET AND THE PLANETEERS MOVIE! (Well, probably. Sony Pictures is negotiating through the final stages to make everyone’s dream a reality.) Sweep aside the nostalgia for a second and just consider: In a world where the superhero movies are endless, and endlessly upping the stakes to Earth-smashing, 9/11-evoking levels, how badly do we need a movie that’s just about kicking pollution’s ass and having a cool group of friends from around the world? THR’s report oddly doesn’t specify if this beast will be live-action or CGI (there was a failed attempt at a live-action Cartoon Network series a few years ago), but whatever. Earth, fire, wind, water, heart all day. (And somebody get Don Cheadle on the line.)

Rejoice, For a Captain Planet Movie Is Coming