CBS Is Turning Its Pilot ‘The McCarthys’ Into a New Multi-Cam Pilot

When CBS execs were picking out the fall schedule earlier this year, they passed on the single-camera sitcom pilot The McCarthys, but Deadline reports that CBS has commissioned another pilot for the show and that it’ll be a multi-cam sitcom this time around. Created by Happy Endings writer Brian Gallivan and following the gay son of a sports-crazed Irish-American family in Boston, The McCarthys made it on our list of the most promising comedy pilots last month before CBS passed on the show. The original pilot starred Jake Lacy, Jack McGee, Joey McIntyre, Jessica Chaffin, Jimmy Dunn, and Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver. Deadline also says that CBS is considering retooling a comedy pilot they passed on starring Jim Gaffigan, which also made our list, so hopefully one of these two comedies makes it on the air the second time around.

CBS Is Turning Its Pilot ‘The McCarthys’ Into a New […]