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Last Night on Late Night: Danny McBride Hijacked Book of Mormon Tickets and Dashed From the Red Carpet

Last night on Conan, Danny McBride explained how his utter contempt for the paparazzi compelled him to hijack Book of Mormon tickets just steps from the red carpet. Plus: Betty White dazzled in a blue see-through blouse; and, with some help on the judging panel from Jonah Hill and sidekick Guillermo in a bumblebee costume, Jimmy Kimmel set up his own bizarre version of the Scripps National Spelling Bee against this year’s thirteen-year-old champion Arvind Mahankali. “Torobreh,” Guillermo assigned to Kimmel. “Can you use it in a sentence, please?” “I like watching the torobreh.” “Can Jonah pronounce it, please?” “Torobreh,” clarified Hill. But this wasn’t just another spelling bee example of WTF etymology but rather a thick Spanish accent, and Jimmy got that. T-H-O-R-O-U-G-H-B-R-E-D.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Danny McBride Hijacked Book of Mormon Tickets