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Every Single Time ‘Google’ Was Said and Seen in The Internship

IT-100 - Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn) arrive for the internship at Google.
IT-100 - Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn) arrive for the internship at Google. Photo: Phil Bray/20th Century Fox/Regency Enterprises

In The Internship, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson take their buddy comedy to Google headquarters. After Googling “Google,” they score positions as interns, or “Noogles,” where they must prove to a gaggle of Googlers that they have Googliness — you know, “that intangible stuff that made a search engine into an engine for change.” Vaughn brought the idea to Google years ago, and although they didn’t play a direct role in creating The Internship, they seemed very happy to cooperate. The result is less product placement in a movie and more movie placement in a product’s infomercial. To show just how egregious it is, we documented every time Google was said in the movie or seen onscreen. Afterward, you’ll probably want to Google showtimes for a different movie.

*Billy (Vince Vaughn) Googles “sales jobs,” “jobs for people with few skills,” and “Google.” 

*Billy visits Nick (Owen Wilson) at the mattress store where he now works and attempts to convince him to apply for an internship at Google:

“Google, the place is amazing — they’ve got nap pods!” (Billy)

“Google needs us, Google wants us.” (Billy)

“You sweet son of a bitch, you got us a job at Google?” (Nick)

“I want us to go to California and I want us to get these jobs at Google.” (Nick)

*They use Google+ for their internship interview.

“Just like the founders of Google big-pictured Googling, it’s not so much getting out of the blender — it’s what happens next.” (Billy)

*It says Google on the headquarters building and a car that passes by.

*There is a Google logo above the slide in the Google building.

*Intern orientation: All new interns wear “Noogle” hats.

“My name is Mr. Chetty and I am head of the Google intern program.” (Chetty, Aasif Mandvi)

“What you need is Googliness — the intangible stuff that made a search engine an engine for change.” (Chetty)

“I recognize that Google is not a conventional workplace.” (Chetty)

“I don’t get that reference.” (Stuart, Dylan O’Brien)
“Google it.” (Billy)

“This is Google, not” (Chetty)

“I am Sid, eight-year Googler, and you are new Googlers, that makes you Nooglers.” (Sid, Eric André)

*Lyle (Josh Brener) introduces himself to his team:

“Been here at the Googs for four years, working on seven projis.” (Lyle)

“The teet or baba thing, it’s wrong. I just Googled it.” (Stuart)

*Another shot of Google on the outside of the building.

*Seminar on Google translate.

*Says Google on a desk in the office.

*Says Google on a garment bag Dana (Rose Byrne) picks up.

*Google Play is open on Andrew’s (Josh Gad) screen.

*Google Play featured in app challenge for all intern teams. 

*Says Google on side of the bus they take for their night out.

Is that your dance teacher at Google?” (Nick, to Lyle at strip club)

“My Noogle.” (Fist bump, Nick and Stuart)

*Says Google outside of elevators.

*”The next job we have is manning the Google help line.” (Lyle)

*”In Gmail a bad request message shows if?” (Lyle to Billy, while studying)

*Says Google on side of study hall.

* Nick on a date with Dana:

“Google has single-handedly cut into my ability to bullshit.” (Nick on a date with Dana)
“Has that made you a better person? (Dana)
“90 percent Google, 10 percent you.” (Nick)

*Says Google on side of building during help-line challenge.

*General buzzing of the word Google and mention of Google programs throughout help-line challenge. Stuff like “Not compatible with Google Play … ” 

*Says Google outside of the office where they discuss losing the challenge.

*”We came to Google for a reason.” (Nick to Billy)

*Final intern meeting, many interns wearing Google shirts.

“TGIF, Nooglers.” (Sid)

“Andrew here is the head of search, an important position here at Google.” (Chetty)

“We were encouraged to reach out to more experienced Googlers.” (Nick)

“Their Googliness if off the charts.” (Andrew, about Nick and Billy’s team)

“Enough about Googliness!” (Graham, Max Minghella)

*Says Google on the projector screen at the end of the party. 

*Says Google on the bus as all interns are heading home. 

*Says Google on the building in the last shot.

*The credits are done where the name and titles are typed across various Google products.

Every Time ‘Google’ Was Said in The Internship