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Fry’s Tragic Dog Seymour to Appear in Upcoming Futurama

One of Futurama’s most memorable moments came in a 2002 episode, when they showed what happened to Fry’s dog Seymour after Fry accidentally fell into a cryogenic pod. (If you need a cry, watch the clip below.) Well, Entertainment Weekly reports that Seymour will be making a cameo later this season. The Planet Express crew will run into him when they journey into Fry’s dreams. And in this dream reality, Seymour will speak, and Seth MacFarlane will be doing the voice. This is all going down on the August 14 episode, which will be the fourth-to-last Futurama ever. Well, unless, buoyed by MacFarlane’s cameo, the show finds a new network willing to order more episodes and keep the ol’ spaceship shipping.

Fry’s Dog Seymour to Appear in Upcoming Futurama