Highlights from The Lonely Island’s Reddit AMA

To promote their latest record, The Wack Album, comedy rap group The Lonely Island took to Reddit to take questions from strangers. The Dudes opened the Reddit with a message to fans and an offer of advice that more people should have taken them up on: “Anything personal going on with you reddit? We’re great with advice. 2 out of the 3 of us have made love with a woman before and can talk about details (we WILL NOT kiss and tell, but we will talk about details).”

We went through and compiled the best responses from The Lonely Island’s AMA, which – believe it or not – contained a lot of joking around:

Please describe Michael Bolton.

Sexpot, cut from marble, generous, soft hands, Renaissance man, smooth lover, voice of gravel and silk, significant hog.

How do you think he would describe the three of you?

The really old sons he never had.

I bought one of your CDs and then my friend grabbed it and threw it on the ground. Should I be pleased or not?

You should be pleased. Our CD is part of the system.

Were Elijah Woods and Ryan Reynolds totally up for tasing you in the butthole Andy?

Almost too up for it. I mean, we wrote it, but still…

Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

We get our inspiration for our lyrics mainly from classic American literature and Family Circus cartoons.

What was it like getting Hugh Jackman to sing about boobs in your album?

It was a delight. A real dream come true, for him. For us, it was okay.

You’ve collaborated with so many people John Waters, Michael Bolton, T-Pain. Were they really eager to work with you guys? Who would you guys most like to work with now!?

Some were eager, others took convincing, all were lovely. And our dream collaborator always has and will be Bill Clinton on saxophone.

Who is the funniest guy you’ve worked with?

Will Ferrell … he is just effortlessly the funniest and nicest person.

What performer/celebrity would you never perform with despite the amount you were compensated?

Beethoven. Physically impossible / Diva alert.

how do you get people like p diddy and edward norton to be in your videos

1) hire a private eye to get nude pictures [of said celebrity].

2) show nude pictures, but put one copy in safe deposit vault.

3) text them, and threaten to make them public.

4) call their publicist.

Have you guys ever considered re-making Awesometown? That intro was dope.

Thank you. And no.

We would be open to making a show together, but there’s nothing in the works currently.

How did you come up with the group name?

It’s named after the nickname for the apartment we lived in in LA when we first moved there … We were isolated in a sea of traffic.

What are each of your favorite digital shorts?

These aren’t necessarily our favorites, they are just ones that people may not have seen as much and we like. So they deserve a chance in the spotlight. Except for Harpoon Man. Which is actually Jorma’s favorite, but Jorma is WEIRD… LOLLOLOLOL

JORMA: “Harpoon Man”

AKIVA: “Iran So Far”

ANDY: “Tennis Balls”

How long have you guys known each other? And does working together ever put strain on your friendship?

We’ve known each other since Junior High, and we only hate each other 46% of the time. The other 50% is mild contempt. The last 4% is ecstasy.

Favorite television series?

Honest answer: “Louie” and “Game of Thrones”

How do you feel about emus?

Andy: Pro.

Akiva: Pro.

Jorma: Pro.

What is the meaning of Spring Break Anthem?

The point of it is to make people laugh. The meaning of it is is to show one thing that’s considered crazy and one thing that’s considered normal, and pose to the audience which one is which.

Can we please get a Hot Rod 2?

Write to Paramount Pictures and demand a sequel!

You can send your self-addressed stamped envelopes (so we can send you a DVD when the movie is done) to:

Attn: Peter Paramount Paramount Studios 5555 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038

Highlights from The Lonely Island’s Reddit AMA