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John Krasinski on The Office Finale’s Steve Carell Cameo: ‘We All Just Flat-Out Lied’

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 03: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt attend the 7th Annual
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/2013 Getty Images

Remember all that will they/won’t they about The Office’s finale and Steve Carell’s participation or lack thereof? (Of course you do, it was like twenty seconds ago.) John Krasinski remembers it, and he remembers it fondly. “It was so thrilling. We all just flat-out lied,” the erstwhile Jim Halpert tells People. “I lied to Letterman! I have to apologize to him for that at some point. It was just one of those things that we all vowed and had to protect. Look what happened — it was the best. The ‘that’s what she said’ was the perfect use of Steve.” Very true — it was so lovely. Krasinski also mused and gushed about the series being over, saying, “Not only has it given me every opportunity in the business, but I wouldn’t have met Emily [Blunt, his wife]. In a very big, existential way it’s the most important thing in my life.” Awww!

Krasinski on Steve Carell’s Sneaky Office Cameo