John Mayer’s New Single Has Some Words That Could Remind You of Taylor Swift

It’s your life. You make the decisions — such as whether to press play on the new John Mayer single, or whether to parse the lyrics for biographical information. Like, say, the one with a “22” shout-out, or the bit about the scarf, or the “someone’s gonna paint you another sky,” which would seem to be a direct answer to “you paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain” from Taylor Swift’s “Dear John” (a song about Mayer). You can choose whether to interpret the dismissive, condescending tone as Mayer’s suggestion that his relationship with Taylor Swift wasn’t even a thing. It’s up to you! But you should know that the lyric video features the “Prancercise” lady, just in case that changes things. Make informed choices, everyone.

John Mayer’s Single Might Remind You of Someone