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Justin Bieber’s Former Pet Monkey Finds Home in a German Zoo

The ordeal of Mally, the 6-month-old pet monkey Justin Bieber abandoned in Germany, is finally coming to a happy end as he was today spending his first day at his new home - dubbed 'Mally-bu' - in a German zoo. Three months after the young capuchin monkey was left in Munich, after being confiscated by authorities when Bieber flew him into the country without papers, he is free to roam in his huge enclosure at the Serengeti Wildlife Park in Hodenhagen, in Northern Germany. He had spent 25 days in a mandatory quarantine after arriving at the zoo, chosen by German authorities, and now zookeeper Jenny Niew????hner - who has been with him everyday - has moved him to his final home, alongside his favorite cuddly toy. Having spent most of his life around humans, he will first be allowed time to get used to his surroundings before the members of his new family - seven white-headed capuchins - are very carefully introduced to live with him. The new monkey enclosure consists of an island with trees, a circular water pit and a house for the whole family.
Pictured: Mally
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Mally, Justin Bieber’s pet capuchin monkey whom he lost to German customs after neglecting to file the proper papers, is finally settled at the German zoo Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen. Will Beliebers flock to “Mally-bu” (the monkey’s very own “tree-covered island”) to visit? Only 6 months old, Mally has officially avoided the pitfalls of young fame and will certainly be happier off the tour bus.

Justin Bieber’s Monkey Finds a Home in Germany