Kanye Is Still Working on That Jetsons Movie, Says Kanye

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis

Back in 2012, during his legendary DONDA Twitter speech, Kanye revealed that, among other things, he was in talks to become the creative director for a script-less Jetsons movie. That claim was quickly denied by producers, who said that Kanye had been involved in a meeting, but had not been hired for anything (and that the movie barely existed). Fast-forward to this month’s W, in which Kanye makes several Jetstons-movie-related phone calls and tells his profiler that yes, he’s onboard as creative director. In Kanye’s defense, they did hire two writers to rework that script. Maybe he was giving notes! (Or maybe he is still hoping that enough press will get him hired.)

Other highlights from the W profile: Kanye threw out most of Yeezus between March and April (which should not come as a surprise to anyone who read these Rick Rubin quotes about the last-minute nature of the album); “Great job!” is not an appropriate response to a Kanye song, even if you are Kris Jenner; he really was not exaggerating about those Corbusier lamps; and “sometimes not giving a fuck is caring the most.” The whole thing is here.

Kanye Still Working on Jetsons Movie, Says Kanye