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James Franco Is Kanye’s Ideal American Psycho

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Per usual in Kanye Land, we’re working with rumors here, but several reports suggest that Kanye filmed an American Psycho music video starring Patrick Bateman look-alike and Kim Kardashian brother-in-law Scott Disick. (From the description on “Page Six”: The video re-creates “Christian Bale’s famous ‘Huey Lewis’ monologue, but with Lewis’ name substituted by references to West and his forthcoming album Yeezus.”) This in itself sounds fantastic, but apparently Kanye had even bigger dreams for the video — as in, he wanted James Franco to star in it. It did not work out, maybe because James Franco prefers to just blog about Bret Easton Ellis? Or maybe they got in a giant fight about which kind of ax has the most artistic integrity, and then James Franco stormed out of the meeting. Or — final theory — Scott Disick disconnected Franco’s phone, because he has been training for this role his whole life. Congratulations, Scott. You did it.

Kanye Wanted Franco for His American Psycho