Here Are Mad Men’s Best Drug Faces, Made Psychedelic

At the end of last week’s Mad Men, Pete, in a fit of Peteness, grabbed a joint, sat down on the couch, and kissed the sky, man. It’s about time. This is late-sixties America, when everything was all incense and peppermints and dragons named Puff who would watch your kids when you went out to eat a dinner of mushrooms cooked in LSD sauce. With last week’s drug-heavy episode, we thought we’d look back at Mad Men’s great history of stoned faces: Don first foray with hash, Peggy Olson declaring she wants “to smoke some marijuana,” Stan on whatever amphetamine-laced vitamin mixture that doctor injected him with, and more. And we did it in the only way that seemed appropriate, by setting them on a backdrop of psychedelic swirls. It’s kind of like Easy Rider, but in business-formal attire. (Warning: these are super psychedelic. If you’re susceptible to feeling dizzy at the sight of far-out-ness, you might wanna steer clear.)

Mad Men’s Best Drug Faces, Made Psychedelic