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Jessica Paré Addresses Megan Draper–Sharon Tate Theory

Photo: AMC and William Helburn/Corbis

Last week, the Internet was obsessed with the theory that Megan Draper was going to be murdered. The evidence was that Megan wore a T-shirt identical to one Sharon Tate wore in a 1967 Esquire magazine shoot. When costume designer Janie Bryant was asked on Twitter if Tate was an inspiration, she responded, “No Coincidence!” Well, today, Esquire’s blog interviewed Jessica Paré to get to the bottom of this non-coincidence. Paré explained that women “didn’t really wear a lot of t-shirts at the time,” so the Tate photo was “something that we had a reference that somebody had worn at the time.” Adding, “If there was any significance beyond that, I don’t know, you’d have to ask Matt.” We guess that puts that mystery to bed. It also opens up the mystery of why a costume designer answered the question, “Who wore a T-shirt in the sixties?” with “How about that famous lady who got viciously murdered two weeks before giving birth.”

Paré Addresses Megan Draper–Sharon Tate Theory