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Paul Feig Thinks Martinis Have Gotten Too Big

LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 18: Director Paul Feig arrives at a Twentieth Century Fox presentation to promote the upcoming film
Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Heat director/Mexican food enthusiast Paul Feig did a Grub Street Diet this week. In between recounting delicious gluten-free meals, he found time to get on a soapbox about drink size. He had back-to-back drink meetings, which meant two drinks. Upon receiving the second one:

“The Hendricks martini was so incredibly gigantic, too big. I have an issue with the giant martinis that seem to be around in bars that aren’t quite as cool as they should be. It’s a ten-ounce martini! You’re literally drinking a third of a bottle of gin! You’re not going to survive that. I walked out of there like Hi-yo! with my head spinning.”

So, if you see Paul out at a bar, you should totally ask him for half his martini.

Paul Feig Thinks Martinis Have Gotten Too Big