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A Photographic History of Channing Tatum’s Many Sweaters

Photo: Getty and Splashnews

What’s that you say? It’s not knit season? Well it is in the Southern Hemisphere, and also in London, where Channing Tatum has been for the last few months filming Jupiter Ascending. Tatum, whose White House Down comes out this weekend (in which there are no sweaters to be found), is a sensible man, so naturally he has been making weather-appropriate fashion choices, by which we mean: sweaters. So many sweaters. Cardigans, swackets (that’s sweater-jackets, keep up), vests — the man can layer. So please join us for a historical review of new-dad and national treasure Channing Tatum’s excellent sweaters, because they are great.

Photos: The Many Sweaters of Channing Tatum