Review Roundup: Critics Don’t Like ‘The Internship’ as Much as ‘The Internship’ Likes Google

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s second buddy comedy together, The Internship, hits theaters today, and it doesn’t look like audiences are gonna love it as much as they did the pair’s 2005 megahit Wedding Crashers - at least if the reviews are any indication. The Internship received low scores from major review aggregators Rotten Tomatoes (34%) and Metacritic (41/100), with the consensus amongst critics being that the movie is light on laughs and basically a two-hour commercial for Google. If you’re waiting for a big summer comedy, you’re better off waiting for Seth Rogen and company’s This is The End, which comes out Wednesday and is drawing good advanced reviews so far.

Here’s a collection of the best quips from critics about The Internship just being a big Google commercial:

“The film takes product placement to a new level; as it is essentially a recruiting ad for Google.” - Reno Gazette-Journal

“just an advertisement for a multinational corporation” - Mark Reviews Movies

“an unfunny, irritatingly acted two-hour commercial for Google” - NY Daily News

“Not much of a comedy, but still a nice heartfelt movie - if you can get past the fact that it is a gigantic recruitment ad for Google.” - Eclipse Magazine

“This is the biggest product placement in history, with the Google brand treated as something we should all happily bow down before. There’s something seriously disturbing in this.” - Detroit News

“You need only watch the trailer to know that The Internship is a promo for Google … It’s as if the writers googled ‘how to write a script’ and nothing came up, so they wrote this anyway.” - Wall Street Journal

“A big-studio release that, from start to gaga finish, is a hosanna to a single company, its products, philosophy and implicit politics.” - New York Times

“It’s a blatant, two-hour commercial for a large and powerful corporation, the movie largely misunderstands its subject and it’s not that funny.” - EntertainmentTell

The Internship rivals the aggressively bland Larry Crowne for sheer tepidness, if not worse due to the exhaustive product placement for a company whose real-life presence is unlikely to soon wane.” -

The Internship itself would be kind of charming, too, if this Google-recruitment film, this 119-minute commercial for Googliness, weren’t so downright creepy.” - Philadelphia Inquirer

“”Here’s why Google is so successful: It’s figured out a way for Twentieth Century Fox to make a two-hour Google commercial disguised as a summer comedy.” - Boston Globe

Maybe The Internship was secretly funded by Bing.” - New York Post

Review Roundup: Critics Don’t Like ‘The Internship’ as […]