Please Remember Sandra Bullock As a Nineties Fashion Icon


Many hella tight staples of the nineties have come and gone — including pogs, parachute pants, and “Here Comes the Hotstepper” — and yet Sandra Bullock endures, her star burning just as brightly now (as her new film The Heat hits theaters) as it did in 1994 when Speed thrust her into the public eye. Superstardom looked a little different then, though: It was a time before personal stylists, a time when it was totally acceptable and even awesome for an A-list actress to hit the red carpet looking like a featured extra from Reality Bites. If you’ve forgotten how Sandra Bullock dressed in the nineties — or just forgotten the nineties entirely — let this celebratory slideshow get you up to speed on Bullock’s early years on the red carpet. You’ll be trippin’. Trust.

Celebrate the ’90s Fashions of Sandra Bullock