See a Fist-Throwing Deleted Scene From The Newsroom

The Newsroom: The Complete First Season comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 11, and in addition all the monologizing and journomagical discussions that fill the actual episodes, there are deleted scenes, too! Like this one, cut from the season finale, in which the News Night staff figures out who will be able to go visit Will in the hospital. Recall that Will was hospitalized after he had a bleeding ulcer, which he got from taking too many painkillers and anti-depressants all at once; recall further that he took all of those pills because MacKenzie’s ex-boyfriend wrote an unflattering article about him; recall even further that at News Night it is normal to go visit your boss in the hospital, even though he’s a gruff jerk who yells at everyone. Anyway, the scene below shows what happens when you dare call Maggie “nonessential” (even though, to be fair, not only is she nonessential, she’s often a hindrance to the production of the show).

Also, we made you a GIF of the essential part.

See a Deleted Scene From The Newsroom