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Magic Magic Trailer: Michael Cera Is a Creep, Michael Cera a Weirdo

Michael Cera’s play-against-type agenda continues. In Magic Magic, he is a really creepy creep. It’s a surprise he hasn’t played one before, as his appearance makes him the perfect weird, psychological-thriller villain. It is one of the two films the actor made with Chilean director Sebastián Silva that premiered at the last Sundance. Whereas the other, Crystal Fairy, which starts with Cera looking for mescaline and cocaine, opens in theaters on July 12, this one is going straight to DVD on August 6. In it, Cera plays one of Juno (!!!!!) Temple’s cousin’s friends, who slowly drive her insane in southern Chile. With these two roles, along with his insane performance in This Is the End, by the end of the summer no one will even remember what his type was and he’ll swiftly move into being cast as superheroes. 

See M. Cera Be Creepy in the Magic Magic Trailer