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Touchy Feely Trailer: Massages Are Weird

Lynn Shelton, like many mumblecore-leaning directors, is quite prolific. In the past five years, she’s put out four movies (with a fifth currently shooting) while maintaining a solid TV directing career, with episodes of Mad Men and New Girl under her belt. Her most recent offering is Touchy Feely. In it, Rosemarie DeWitt (who starred in Shelton’s last film, Your Sister’s Sister) plays a free-spirited massage therapist; however, there’s a small hiccup: the human touch begins to gross her out, hard. Ellen Page plays DeWitt’s niece who falls for and tries to seduce her aunt’s boyfriend (Scoot McNairy). Allison Janney plays a new-age therapist, which is super-perfect casting. It opens in theaters on September 6, a great time for a respite from the summer movies’ carnage.

See the Trailer for Lynn Shelton’s Touchy Feely