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The Sound of Music’s Baroness Von Schrader Meets Robyn

Underappreciated and certainly betrayed by her fiancé Captain Georg von Trapp, Baroness Von Schrader (brilliantly played by Eleanor Parker in the film) is The Sound of Music’s forgotten hero. As the Hairpin once wrote: “She was very blond, impeccably dressed, and not particularly nice to ‘the help.’ These were all indications to the audience that we weren’t supposed to root for her.” Let’s not forget that her long-awaited wedding was ultimately canceled. Will you see Sound of Music 2: The Revenge of Baroness Von Schrader, a searing look into one woman’s heartbreak and reinvention as a Nazi girlfriend? Probably not, but you can see “The Baroness’ Song” below.

The Sound of Music’s Baroness Meets Robyn