Watch Stevie Nicks Dedicate ‘Landslide’ to New York’s Jada Yuan

On Saturday, underneath an appropriately magical Supermoon, Fleetwood Mac played a slew of classics to a packed Jones Beach. Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John opened with “Second Hand News” and ended with “Say Goodbye” — but not before a very special “Landslide” dedication to one of New York’s own: Jada Yuan. “I always kind of save this for people who I consider to be family or really my closest, closest friends,” Stevie began. “She wrote the most beautiful article about me. I thought, ‘She’s 35 years old, she doesn’t even … ’ Come to find out that she got it. She got something that no one who has ever written about me has ever gotten. I’ll never, ever forget it. It lives in my journal.”

Stevie Nicks Dedicated ‘Landslide’ to Jada Yuan