Watch a Supercut of Pete Campbell, Mad Men Ranter Extraordinaire

Mad Men’s Pete Campbell has always been a great ranter: haughty, aggrieved apoplexy is the longest arrow in his quiver. But this season, faced with obstructions from Don, his mother, and Bob Benson, he really turned the dials up to eleven. Foiled IPO? He’ll get so heated he falls down the stairs, literally stumbling over his livid words. Mom disappeared from a cruise ship? He’ll ream out the “Panamanian criminals” and the “Spanish fly” that might’ve had any hand in it. Secretary not quite getting office politics? He’ll make sure she feels like she’s worth less than the notepad on which she scribbled his missed phone calls. (Though it is a sign of his patrician aspirations that he stops short of actually foaming at the mouth.) Watch this supercut of Pete Campbell’s epic, head-shaking, face-reddening season-six rants. It’ll make you want to suck on an empathetic lozenge for Vincent Kartheiser.

Supercut: Pete Campbell’s Mad Men Rant Supercut